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Healthcare-academy Den Hoek introduces the International Lecher Antenna Course, for veterinarians, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals. The course language is English, so finally this course is now available for non-Dutch speakers who wish to learn to use the Lecher Antenna.

The Lecher antenna is a measuring device with which vitality of tissues and organs can be measured. Scientists established that the cohesion and existence of all matter is due to energy, which is measurable as electromagnetic (EM-) radiation. Every organ, tissue or cell has its own specific vibrational frequency. This EM-radiation is what is being measured with the Lecher antenna. Therefore, the exact level of health or pathology of an internal organ or tissue can be measured with the Lecher Antenna. It provides information about organs and tissues, as well as inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses, and localizes Painful Inflammatory Foci and blockages accurately.

The Lecher Antenna is a highly valuable instrument to use in many different specialty areas: as aid in acupuncture, manual therapies and neural therapy, and it validates the appropriateness of a chosen medicine (including homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medication) or supplement, and predicts the level of its effect.

Because people and animals are increasingly suffering from a geo-pathogenic- as well as an electro-pathogenic-load, this course extensively addresses Building Biology and its practical applications using the Lecher Antenna.

The 6-day course consists of two 3-day modules in which you have ample opportunity to practice with the guidance of expert teachers. Skill in using the Lecher antenna is only acquired by plenty of practice and to have your measurements verified wherever possible. Our prime purpose in this extended course is to teach you how to make your measurements using the Lecher antenna.

The course will take place in our well equipped and beautiful education building that is centrally located in The Netherlands (less than 60 minutes drive from Schiphol Airport).

Location: Cursusruimte Den Hoek, Bisschopsweg 2, 3732 HW De Bilt, The Nederlands.

Spoken language : English

Course data: to be scheduled (2 x 3 days). Lecturing hours are from 12.00 AM untill 17.15 PM.

Price: 950,- euro (syllabus and coffe/tea facilities included). The Lecher antenna can be purchased at the beginning of the course (not included in the course fee).

Literature : syllabus

Teachers:  Eric Laarakker and Annika ten Napel


The focus of the Lecher antenna course is on learning to measure with it and its medical applications. For both the human and veterinary practice.

The Lecher antenna is named after the German physicist Ernst Lecher (1856-1926). He was the first in 1890 to examine the velocity of electromagnetic waves, thanks to the so-called ' parallel threads of Lecher. The antenna itself was designed by the German physicist R. Schneider. The Lecher antenna consists of a plastic plate of epoxy glass in which a copper Lecher transmission line is attached which is provided with a measuring scale. This rod can be adjusted with a slider to measure the different wavelengths (frequencies). Every healthy organ , tissue or condition resonates with its own standard frequencies, which are drawn up after lengthy investigation of the researcher and teacher Walter Kunnen. Thanks to further investigation by holistic veterinarian, teacher and researcher Eric Laarakker nowadays about 3,500 frequencies of the body and pathogen loads can be measured. This allows very detailed research.

The Lecher antenna , with its magnetic poles, is able to determine the length of the energy wave on which it is placed, and thus pick up the frequency of the organ that you're measuring. The number of strokes that you can make with the antenna determines the (energy)frequency of the organ that is measured. If this differs from the standardfrequency, the organ is out of balance.

The Lecher Antenna is an instrument for measuring the vitality of tissues and organs. You can use the Lecher antenna to precisely determine the degree of health or pathology of an organ or tissue.

During the course, also the use of the Lecher antenna in the field of geopathy and electromagnetic fields, etc will be discussed.

Application in acupuncture:. Using the Lecher antenna both blockages and the amount of energy in the meridians can be detected. You can also find therapeutic points with the Lecher antenna. The Lecher antenna is one of the few tools that can pinpoint problem areas on the body exactly.

Application in Neural Therapy: The neural therapy is concerned with the detection of interference fields. The measurement of the organism with the Lecher antenna provides a number of values, which may indicate interference fields. With the Lecher Antenna the exact spots to treat the interference fields can be found and immediately treated.

Application in manual therapies: Using the Lecher antenna problem areas and blockages in the spine can de localized and diagnosed very precisely. The Lecher antenna can be used to determine the cause of musculoskeletal conditions, and to select the most effective therapy (whether or not by means of manipulation).

Medicinal use of homeopathy and phytotherapy: The Lecher Antenna can give a confirmation of the selected supplement/medication.


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