cursus lecher-antenne

Lecher-antenna, International Course

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Healthcare-academy Den Hoek introduces the International Lecher Antenna Course, for veterinarians, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals. The course language is English, so finally this course is now available for non-Dutch speakers who wish to learn to use the Lecher Antenna.

The Lecher antenna is a measuring device with which vitality of tissues and organs can be measured. Scientists established that the cohesion and existence of all matter is due to energy, which is measurable as electromagnetic (EM-) radiation. Every organ, tissue or cell has its own specific vibrational frequency. This EM-radiation is what is being measured with the Lecher antenna. Therefore, the exact level of health or pathology of an internal organ or tissue can be measured with the Lecher Antenna. It provides information about organs and tissues, as well as inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses, and localizes Painful Inflammatory Foci and blockages accurately.

The Lecher Antenna is a highly valuable instrument to use in many different specialty areas: as aid in acupuncture, manual therapies and neural therapy, and it validates the appropriateness of a chosen medicine (including homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medication) or supplement, and predicts the level of its effect.


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